WOW TBC Classic – The Peaceful yet Powerful Draenei

WOW TBC Classic – The Peaceful yet Powerful Draenei

The Burning Legion’s forces have been around for countless millennia, conquering various other worlds and realms unknown to the people and creatures of Azeroth.

Amongst the many races violated by the demonic forces of Sargeras was the Eredar, whom were consumed and tricked by promises of unparalled power and magic.

As one of their benevolent leaders, Velen led the few Eredar whom were not deceived by Sargeras’s plot to perceived safety elsewhere, travelling to other planets seeking to rebuild their home in peace, now calling themselves the Draenei.

Settling on a planet which was also populated by the then harmonious Orcs, it was only a matter of time before Sargeras’s agent, former Eredar-turned-Demon, Kil’jaeden, found them and schemed to corrupt the Orcs into the Legion’s fold.

In The Burning Crusade Classic (TBCC), the conflicts faced by the now Draenei settlers will be explored deeper as you uncover more insights into the origins of the Burning Legion and their true mastermind, Sargeras.

In the latest WOW Classic expansion, certain playing styles, mechanics and features will be different compared to the earlier races in Azeroth.

Let’s check them out, down below:



  • Ammen Vale (an island nearby Azuremyst Isle).
  • Their dimensional ship, Exordar becomes the ‘capital city’ of the Draenei, as you start out as refugees from the world of Draenor.


  • Velen
    • A just Eredar ruler who declined Sargeras’s offer of unlimited might, unlike other Eredar leaders (now Demons), Kil’jaeden and Archimonde.
    • Brought the Draenei to Draenor, before the Orcs’ fel-corruption forcing him to find refuge in Azeroth, for his people.


    • Warrior
      • As the Draenei are already physically strong and muscular, their starting Strengthstat (+1) is quite good for melee-based players.
    • Priest
      • Followers of the Naaru (creatures of Light), the Draenei do not have any negative stats for Intelligence (+0), while the good starting Spirit stat (+2) helps too.
      • Mage
        • With the Draenei already attuned to magic, they are also quite balanced in terms of their Spirit stat (+2).
        • Hunter
          • This is more of an experimental class, more than anything, as the Draenei start with bad Agility stats (-3).
          • Paladin
            • The combined Strength (+1), Intelligence (+0), Spirit (+2) attributes allow for great variable builds as the Paladin class
            • Shaman new in TBCC, only available for the Draenei & previously locked for the Horde faction

              • The Shaman class starts with an extra point (+1) for Strength, Stamina, Intelligence and Spirit, making it a very attractive option to add to Draenei’s basic racial stats of each (Strength +1, Stamina +0, Intelligence +0, Spirit +2).

              RACIAL TRAITS

              Gift of the Naaru3-min cooldown

              • Heals your character for 20% Health over 5 seconds.

              Heroic Presencepassive

              • At Level 100, your Strength, Agility and Intelligence receive extra 65 points each (the bonus scales according to level increases).

              Gem-cutting passive

              • Jewel-crafting is permanently increased by 10.

              Shadow Resistancepassive

              • Shadow-based damage is reduced by 1%.

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