Are paso robles wineries open for tastings?

Are paso robles wineries open for tastings?

Are you a person who loves watching picturesque nature views?

Do you relish delightful cuisine with vintage wine?

Do you love to hang out with your pals?

If you have a yes for any one of the above questions, then a wine tasting getaway trip to Paso Robles suits you the most. Unfortunately, the latest COVID Pandemic has made everyone struck at their homes only to dream about the vacations.

The below-curated open the world article lists the guidelines to be for your next wine tasting trip.

Are the Paso Robles wineries now open?

The state of California has lifted off some restrictions posed on wineries from June 2020. It is indeed a sugary newsflash for all wine lovers across the country.

About Wine Tasting 

People tend to think that wine tasting is all about gobbling profuse quantities at some beautiful local cafes at Paso. The officials define it differently, where all gather to taste different varieties and make a comparative investigation to find the best grape juice. 

Both groups of people leave back the fun part of gathering stories and experiences that have gone into the wine production at the winery. Try new wines because it expands your liking regardless of your know-how level. Yes, there are some wine-tasting protocols, but it should not be snobbish or conceited. Try new wines because it expands your liking regardless of your know-how level.

Wine Tasting After COVID

The new state regulations might change your experience at the winery.

  • The wineries abide by social distancing regulations, which allows them to permit a limited number of visitors. Hence make reservations to avoid any disappointments.
  • Today wineries permit only groups of six members.
  • People without masks cannot enter the venue.
  • The staff should wear a mask throughout the day.
  • The state recommends Paso Robles wineries to hold outdoor tastings if possible.

The Route to Paso Robles

The wine heaven is halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco from California Coast. You can bump into Paso via Car, Train, or by booking your plane tickets to San Luis Obispo.

Recommended Stay

The Piccolo Hotel suits luxury lovers, which has deluxe suites and a rooftop bar. The Cheval provides privileges like a butler, best candy bar, and wine bar in Paso. Are you looking for a charming hotel? Then Paso Robles Inn accommodates travelers by offering cozy rooms and wine theme suites. For some countryside experience, you can choose the Allegretto Vineyard Resort and La Bellasera Hotel.


The above-profiled open the world article describes the rules and regulations you need to follow. These are some general guidelines, and a few of the Paso Robles wineries open may have their own protocols. Make sure you check out their official website to be sure of the openings and available slots. Be safe and avoid driving after consuming alcohol.

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