Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Lung cancer (carcinoma) and its types 

Lung cancer or carcinoma that affects many people in the world. Many risk factors make the disease attack quickly than expected. It is a disease in which cells grow unaccountably inside the body of the human and destroy the tissues in the body. When cancer grows in the lung then it is known as lung cancer. There are two types of cancer namely NSCLC, SCLC. This cancer is the most found lung cancer in humans. Follow the different diagnostic procedures for detecting lung cancer. List of diagnostic test listed here for the patients.

Different types of diagnostic tests of lung cancer 

If the cancer is found early, we can prevent it and there are many diagnostic procedures available for the people. There are many diagnostic procedures available in the medical world. An imaging test is a preliminary test done to find cancer. Scan, X-ray, MRI, CT Diagnosis come under the imaging. A sputum study is also done to diagnose cancer. Many people not aware of lung cancer. To create awareness about the disease lung cancer ribbon is introduced among the people. Taking the treatment yearly and following good habits people prevent the disease. To know about breast cancer, check below.

Know about Breast cancer and its common types

The disease that affects both men, women but most common in women is breast cancer. Breast Cancer occur in the breast grow abnormally. Due to the growth of the lump the shape of the breast changes. Redness in the area of the breast developed around the breast. There are many breast cancer types present in the world namely Lobular carcinoma, Ductal carcinoma, Invasive carcinoma, and others. Another type of cancer is also present in the world. There are many factors that affect people and affect the breasts. Follow healthy food, drink good amount of water, and be healthy.

The factors that lead to the Breast cancer

Age is the main factor which is the primary reason for breast cancer it affects women over the age of fifty. Family history and personal history in cancer lead to the disease. If the disease is detected early, it is treatable in the early stage. Cancer is diagnosed using scanning and imaging techniques. The breast cancer awareness month were created to spread awareness among women. Doing regular exercise, physical work, drinking enough water prevents the women from any disease. Take the doctor’s advice for the treatment and consume the medicine as per prescription.