Look at FUT Booster, the ideal tool to improve your team’s chemistry

Look at FUT Booster, the ideal tool to improve your team's chemistry

FUT Ultimate Team has become a real gold mine for EA Sports due to its mechanics of buying players with coins to build your own team, since it gives users very high customization possibilities that make no team the same as another.

However, this mode also has its rules. The team must have an acceptable level of chemistry so that the players can show their full potential on the field. Otherwise, they will not move well on the pitch and will run out of stamina very quickly.

This means that players should limit themselves to choosing players who play in the same league or have the same nationality, so that everyone can have good chemistry with each other and play well together.

How can I improve the links of my team.

In FUT Ultimate Team there are four types of links between players: Perfect, strong, weak and red. The first one of green color is given when the players play in the same club and have the same nationality and cancels two of red color.

The second is also green, and this occurs when they share a league and nationality or only a club, although this only cancels a red link.

The orange links are given when the players simply share a league or nationality and the red ones belong to those players who have nothing in common.

All these rules are what limit players in FUT Ultimate Team and make many of them prefer to choose to buy FIFA Coins at U7BUY to acquire their favorite players rather than trying to build a team with the players they already have.

FUT Booster will help you solve your chemistry problems.

FUT Booster is a very easy to use and ad-free website that all FUT Ultimate Team players can go to build their teams and check the links between each of their players.

This page is much faster than getting into the game to accommodate players one by one, so it will save you a lot of time.

Furthermore, FUT Booster also lets you build combinations with players that you have not yet been able to buy. This way you will know if the purchase of a player is worth it or not or if he will empathize well with his players in your formation.

As if that were not enough, it also allows you to select the FUT Freeze cards and the different types of variants to also know the links of the special cards.

Once you have selected the players, click on the ChemBoost button and the page will drop a large number of options with players from different leagues that will help your team be better and have a better final chemistry.

Now, you just have to select the options that best suit your style of play to form a team with better chemistry that allows you to reach the next level in FUT Ultimate Team.

FUT 21 is now available worldwide on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC.

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