Sunday, February 5th, 2023

3 Things That You Should Not Do After You Retire By William Schantz

As per William Schantz, you will ultimately get a lot of free time on your hand after you retire. How you decide to spend it, what nature of commitments you make, and what sort of habits you take up after your retirement can significantly affect the well-being of your mind.

Retirement brings a massive change in your life. 

With that change, you should focus on making the best of that time. According to Schantz, while you are keeping up your physical and mental fitness, you must have a grip on the things that you should not be doing after you retire. 

We have listed down three things that you should not do after you retire, as per Schantz. 

Never Be Undisciplined 

With so much free time on your hands, it is easy to lose track of things. When the retirement phase initially begins, you will potentially feel very excited about it. No more alarm clocks to set for the next day – you can sleep in for as long as you like. You can bask in the sun for long hours, and even take a trip somewhere you have always wanted to go.

According to Schantz, while the excitement is pleasing, and the enjoyment is something that everyone should do, you should remember to stay disciplined. An unstructured life will trigger the case of existential anxiety.

Humans adapt well to habits and a structured form of living. While doing whatever you want and whenever you want may seem like a good idea, it will fade away after some time and leave you in a state of undisciplined mess. 

Do Not Blow Your Savings – Recommends William Schantz

After a person retires, they are dependent on the fixed income provided after they retire. The pay is usually lesser than their salary while still on the job. With so much time at your disposal, spending money can be a piece of cake. 

William Schantz suggests that you need to make sure that you are smartly budgeting and planning so that you can lead a planned life. You can learn to enjoy yourself without causing a big dent in your savings. 

You can do the following things to help you with the savings:

You can economize on services and goods.

You can always aim to sell items that are not in use. 

Be sure that you are mindful of your credit.

Senior Citizen Status comes in handy for saving purposes.

If you want to travel, do so, but make sure that you do not go overboard with the spending. 

    Do Not Allow Yourself to Be Lonely

    After you have retired, it is pretty easy to drift into the tumbling waves of loneliness. It can isolate you socially. 

    You no longer have your regular social interactions in your workplace, and many people tend to cut social ties after they retire. 

    Don’t do that. Keep yourself busy with activities that will help you interact with people regularly. 

    You can keep in touch with your previous work friends and make plans to hang out. If not, getting a pet might make a big difference in your life.


    Avoid doing these three things to enjoy your retirement phase William Schantzsays. Learn to form healthy habits that can help you develop mentally, physically, and financially.